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Maximize Landing Page: 3 Conversion Boosting Steps

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In this week’s issue:

  • 💡 Authenticity, quality, and impact in content creation.

  • 🤿 Landing Page Fix: Boost Conversions with 3 Steps.

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A Fresh Point of View

Sharpen your mindset

An audience is a byproduct of helpful content.

Let's talk about a game-changer in the entrepreneurial journey – creating valuable content.

But wait, it's not just about the numbers, you know? It's about impacting your audience.

Consistency and keeping it real when delivering killer content? That's the ticket! People resonate with authenticity.

Quality over quantity, every time. Whether you're mentoring or sharing valuable content, it's not just about the stats. It's about building connections, sharing wisdom, and creating a supportive vibe.

For entrepreneurs, community-building is more than just the numbers game. Giving genuine value naturally pulls in an audience. It's a fantastic journey where relationships and impact matter more than what the screen shows.

The Dive Deep

Learn practical methods

Your landing page is probably bad

Good news — it has nothing to do with you.

Creating a landing page that doesn't convert is a canon event for Indie Entrepreneurs.

After seeing hundreds of bad examples, here's how to fix yours in 3 steps.

1. Nail the Hero block first

The first screen people see only takes 20% of your landing page, but it delivers 80% of the result.

If it’s not catchy enough, your users will pointlessly scroll the page for 5 seconds and leave.

So, yeah, focus on your Hero block.

It’s hard because you need to figure out:

  • How to summarize your positioning into one sentence? (Heading 1)

  • How to summarize all features into a 2-sentence description?

  • What product visual backs up Heading 1 and grabs the attention?

  • What quick social proof builds trust and affinity?

  • What is the best CTA button?

But after answering these questions, you will have clarity about the rest of your landing page.

2. Tell a story

Most landing pages sound like this:

“Look, I have built an awesome product, it has 4 awesome features…”

Kinda salesy and egocentric, right?

Try something like this:

“My audience has a problem X that results in negative consequences X, Y, Z. That’s why I build this product so they can achieve X to get benefits X, Y, Z”

It’s captivating because it’s focused on your users.

You spotlight their problems and the benefits of solving them.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Add a Problem Agitation block after the Hero block (describe your users’ problem and the negative consequences of not solving it)

  • Connect Headlines 2 to make smooth transitions

  • Describe your features through their benefits

  • Connect your price to the transformation you are selling

Telling a story is different than manipulating people.

It’s about turning a boring sales pitch into an invite to an exciting journey.

3. Level up your social proof game

People don’t believe you. No matter how good your copy is.

Look, it’s your product on your landing page. Of course, you will say you are the best.

That’s why people trust other people more: “if Entrepreneurs like me buy this SaaS, I should probably buy it too”.

Hopefully, you already know that. But do you leverage it enough?

If you only have 3 testimonials, the answer is not.

There are more ways to build trust and affinity:

  • Get a 5-paragraph-long case study with your most satisfied customer

  • Add video testimonials from opinion leads in your niche

  • Add user statistics that showcase your product’s impact

  • Show what companies have bought your product

  • Show what media featured your product

And the most important part.

Distribute social proof across your landing page evenly.

Users should feel a constant trust reinforcement. This is how you make your CTA a no-brainer.

That’s it for today! 🙌

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